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Date: 08/02/2021

Server migration from old data farm to new data farm, server will be migrated to

Date: 30/08/2020

9W4GWK will be replaced with 9M2RUK as it is linked to 9M2RUK (analog side, not the C4FM side) 
which linked back via RF to 9W2LWK Yaesu FT7900 radio via Diamond cp22e antenna

Date: 12/07/2020

Now you can order R1-2020 for allstarlink, plug and play for analog radio in order to link to DMR-gateway allstarlink node 47259

Video below shows how it link to DMR-9M2RKL-Repeater/DMR/C4FM-YSF/C4FM-repeater/C4FM-WiresX/Dstar XLX522/Allstarlink

Please support my ham's friend in China BI7NOR/BH7NOR Buy R1-2020 ASL/Echolink controller adaptor from taobao Buy R1-2020 ASL/Echolink controller adaptor from Ebay

Date: 10/07/2020

Hblink is up, TG50210 is linked to tgif.network
hblink setup:-

ip: edone.lucifernet.com
port: 62031
password: passw0rd

dash:       http://edone.lucifernet.com:8082/
lastheard:  http://edone.lucifernet.com:8001/log.php

Testing HBlink TG502118 is linked to BrandMeister and XLX522Y

Your can use TGIF-network instead of Brandmeister, the same TG50210 (it is linked to master BM-Malaysia-5021 TG50210 too)


Date: 23/05/2020

Your support is welcome for this reflector to continue operate. Thanks for all the support. Scan and wechat 奖赏 me!

Date: 26/01/2020

If anyone uses pi-star (DMR) with dmrgateway (XLX, DMR Brandmeister, DMR+)
please use this for duplex MMDVM type as the TS1 and TS2 will not route correctly and you need to manually write a TGRewrite setting as below:-

[DMR Network 1]

[DMR Network 2]

Now the 502999 could not route correctly and i could not know why (BM Malaysia APRS)
if someone know how to set it please do let me know how.


Date: 10/01/2020

Due to limited AMBE hardwares, we disabled Module A transcoding (Module A DSTAR with Module A still can QSO if 
it is not dmr or other mode), Module C and D will remain transcoding

Date: 07/01/2020

P25 TG50210 is activated, need someone with P25 radio to test and feedback

Date: 05/01/2020

Updated to XLX 2.3.4 XLX 2.3.5 (Officially listed in YSF Reflector list in pistar)

Pistar Configuration for YSF

#11714 MY Malaysia Net

#18807 XLX522

#16390 SG YSF-V2

Configuration WiresX via HRI200 / software (non-HRI200)
24060 Malaysia-Net

Pistar configuration DMR (Brandmeister MY5021)
TG 50210	Malaysia Multimode Link

Pistar Configuration DMR+

Pistar configuration P25 (please update night pi-star to get the TG50210 on P25)
TG 50210 linked

268492 9W4GWK-L (Only 9W,9M,9V callsign except special request)

Allstar Node

Date: 02/01/2020

Officially using XLX 2.3.3

11714 MY-MalaysiaNet
16390 SG-YSFv2
00522 XLX522-YSF (if you follow my tutorial on pi-star from below dated Date: 18-12-2019) --- not need as it is officially in YSFReflector list of pi-star
18807 XLX522-YSF

(Working method for wire-x MODULE (A-to-Z) select cntrl) Expert > mmdvmhost > Set ; (replace original)

[System Fusion Network]
# ModeHang=3

Tutorial on Yaesu FT-70DR (Thanks to Adrian VK4TUX)

Pi-star Notes for Amateur Radio

Please have a read on how to operate in pi-star 

Date: 20-12-2019

Revert back to XLX 2.2.4 (modified XLX 2.2.2 with XRF-peering support) after some 
transcoding problem with the newest update on 2.3.3

Date: 18-12-2019

XLX522 officially upgraded to 2.3.3 and the support of ysf protocol is on the same port TCP port 42000
The SG YSF will be migrated to TCP port 42002 and still remain on https://register.ysfreflector.de/ version of YSF reflector
sub reflector dashboard as in https://ysf.lucifernet.com/

pi-star configuration workaround:-<
login (ssh) to pistar

mkdir -p /root/scripts
vi ysfxlx.sh


sudo mount -o remount,rw / ; sudo mount -o remount,rw /boot
/usr/local/sbin/HostFilesUpdate.sh &&

cd /tmp
rm XLXYSFHosts.txt.*
rm XLXYSFHosts.txt
wget http://xlxdmr.duckdns.org/xlx/XLXYSFHosts.txt
cat XLXYSFHosts.txt >> /usr/local/etc/YSFHosts.txt
/usr/sbin/service ysfgateway restart
sudo mount -o remount,ro / ; sudo mount -o remount,ro /boot


chmod +x /root/scripts/ysfxlx.sh


crontab -e


50 3 * * * /root/scripts/ysfxlx.sh > /dev/null 2>&1

ctrl+wq! to save

run the script once


you are now ready to go!!!

register.ysfreflector.de already accept XLXYSF reflectors registration, on XLX2.3.4 YSFS response packets 

Date: 01-12-2019

Check SKMM callsign android app is available now.
Download your SKMM callsign check android app here

Date: 01-11-2019

New checking mechanism of malaysia callsign page is up with http://tiny.cc/lk3jfz (with alibabacloud splash/scrapy docker service)

Date: 09-09-2019

HTTP/2 or HTTP version 2.0 will be supported on top of HTTP/1.1 HTTP/1.0 and the website is TLS1.3 compatible

Date: 18-07-2019

BM Malaysia Server will be migrating its server back from Singapore to Malaysia tonight, Brandmeister Malaysia will not be accessible 
for few hours due to migration process from 2 different locations, rest assured, the service shall be resume soonest. 

Date: 28-04-2019

XLX522 is listed at Peanut app as XRF522D by PA7LIM http://peanut.pa7lim.nl/, feel free to join the reflector
Get your app below:-

Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/peanut.peanut
Windows: https://software.pa7lim.nl/peanut/STABLE/

Date: 22-04-2019

xlxd ambe from 9M2TPT is temporary down for maintainance, hence DSTAR station can only qso to DSTAR station, 9M2TPT is upgrading the ambe server to rasp pi 3b+ 9M2TPT

Updated :-

The ambed server upgraded to raspberry pi 3b+ successfully, ambed server back to normal at 22:55 GMT +8 22-04-2019

Date: 14-02-2019

Malaysia Analog to Digital Callsign is officially register as 9W4GWK

Date: 22-12-2018

DCS522, XRF522, REF522 can be found on BlueDV Android, Apple IOS, MS Windows and etc
Please click here to download the app
Thanks to Steve NO9S for adding the reflector in http://www.arrg.us/

Android hotlink apk file: here Version 1.0.66, works with Android Pie
Windows hostlink msi file: here Version 09499 beta, most stable working windows version (Win 7/8/10)
Now ambeserver is hosted for public if you want to connect to Reflector 522, please use host: edone.now.im port: 2460  
*** note that the ambe port has been used by peanut, hence other users that connect to the port will be blocked ***
the ambe is already being used by peanut app

Date: 17-11-2018

Echolink last connected stations From ASL 47259 or echolink 9W4GWK-L will be display in lastconnected page at here

Date: 03-11-2018

Analog Bridge ASL node 47259 or echolink 9W4GWK-L will be using 9W2NKC temporary before we get a gateway callsign 9M4GWK callsign approved by MCMMC
hence digital radio which get callsign 9W2NKC displayed on screen will be considered as analog station cominng from analog bridge, either from RF/echolink/ASL

Date: 16-08-2018

Allstarlink node 47259 /echolink 9W4GWK-L (MD380-EMU Analog_bridge Transcoding) is linked to :-
XLX522 (DSTAR/DMR hardware transcoding) <-> DMR Brandmeister Malaysia TG50210 <-> Yaesu Wires-X Malaysia-Net Room 24060 <-> 9M2RKL (KL) C4FM Repeater
<-> YSF Malaysia Net <-> 9M4RMU C4FM Bukit Beruang (Melaka) Repeater
Please note this is C4FM Digital only. Analogue WiresX users will hear a silent carrier.

Date: 28-07-2018

AMBED on remote server will have a remote php RESTART function if error occures in the future.
This is a sample screen

Date: 27-07-2018

The AMBE service at remote raspi has been restarted, transcoding back to normal.

Date: 25-07-2018

Updated newer version of Info from KG5RKI MD380's userdb to MySQL (Ccs7, Callsign, Long name, City, State, Country)


AMBED at remote site seems to have problem (packets lost - ambed 11 of 18 packets timed out) and may need to restart, M0HIK/9M2TPT is on the way flying back, rest assured and bear with us.

Date: 24-07-2018

Get ccs7 & name via callsign lookup is available via JSON

function call


or javascript



You can also use jquery on sample code below:-
https://edone.no-ip.com/sample.php <-- click view souce

Date: 22-07-2018

Convert DMRIds.dat to MySQL database.
Reprogram reading name and callsign (indexed) from MySQL and decreased loading time (by 200%) significantly.

Date: 21-07-2018

XLX017 added to the peer on Module A
XLX714 added to the peer on Module A
XLX998 added to the peer on Module A
XLX307 added to the peer on Module A

Compiled customized XLXD to support XRF linking on xlxd.interlink
Just do a 

Date: 20-07-2018

XLX766 added to the peer on Module A

Date: 19-07-2018

To all XLX Reflector's operator/admin
Please download and update the latest country.csv from here to your /[yourxlxdirectory]/dashboard/pgs/ directory
or type 

in linux

base on github https://github.com/lwkoon/xlxd/commit/9cc312f4840810150734afc015c3829343880b1d

Date: 18-07-2018

XLX883 added to the peer on Module A
XLX125 added to the peer on Module A

Date: 17-07-2018

XLX909 added to the peer on Module A
XLX051 added to the peer on Module A
XLX595 added to the peer on Module A
XLX238 added to the peer on Module A
XLX170 added to the peer on Module A
XLX171 added to the peer on Module A
XLX464 added to the peer on Module A
XLX132 added to the peer on Module A
XLX064 added to the peer on Module A
XLX523 TEST XLX REFLECTOR added to the peer on Module A

Date: 16-07-2018

Name and CCS7 ID are added into the XLX dashboard user module with DMRIds.dat CSV database.
Country with Flags function is added into the XLX dashboard peers module.
XLX511 added to the peer on Module A
XLX268 added to the peer on Module A
XLX569 added to the peer on Module A
XLX737 added to the peer on Module A
XLX515 added to the peer on Module A
XLX454 added to the peer on Module A
XLX519 added to the peer on Module A
XLX302 added to the peer on Module A

Date: 15-07-2018

XLX522 Reflector is added in the xrefl directory listing.

Date: 14-07-2018

XLX886, DCS007, XLX600, XLX699, XLX076, XLX246, XLX508, XLX055, XLX888 are added to the peer on Module A
and XLX520 (Thailand) is added on Module A and G

Date: 12-07-2018

DMR/DSTAR/C4FM transcoding tested successfully with 9M2CJ(DSTAR), PA3FRI(DSTAR), 9W2POP(DMR), 9M2TPT(WIRES-X).
Please note this is C4FM Digital only. Analogue WiresX users will hear a silent carrier.

Date: 11-07-2018

Recompile XLXD binary to support module A to Z.

Date: 07-07-2018

XLX Reflector Linking to BM5021 with the help of 9W2POP and 9M2TPT.
TG50210 (Malaysia) is linked to Module D
TG525 (Singapore) is linked to Module C

Date: 05-07-2018

D-STAR<->DMR AMBE BAO3000 X 2 hardware-transcoding USBs are added, now supporting 1 channel session
Testing stage

Date: 01-07-2018

XLX522 Reflector created

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FAQ : How to connect XLX522

Use any D-Star repeater, hotspot, dongle, or similar device, and connect to any of the following:
Reflector XRF522A (URCALL command is XRF522AL)
Reflector DCS522A (URCALL command is DCS522AL)
Reflector REF522A (URCALL command is REF522AL)

Brandmeister DMR
Use any Brandmeister connected system to connect to:
Brandmeister TG50210 Malaysia (Module D)
Brandmeister TG525 Singapore (Module C)

Pi-Star DMR XLX Master
Use Pi-Stars DMR XLX Master section, and connect to:
XLX Master XLX522

Once you have connected, you do not need to key anything as Pistar connect TG4004 by default
If you need to keyin to other module, just keyin 64003 (module C singapore) 
On DMR Radio, 64001->Module A, 64002->Module B, 64003->Module C .............until............. 64026->Module Z
Once you have joined your desired Module, you can transmit on 502/525 by using TG6 (group call) on your DMR HT to transmit.

YSF Yaesu System Fusion
Connect any YSF Reflector capable system to:
YSF Malaysia Net http://ysf.dmrnet.org/ysf/index.php --> TG50210 <-- XLX522D Primary
YSF DMRNet http://fusion.dmrnet.org/dash/index.php --> TG50210 <-- XLX522D Secondary
XLXYSF --> TG50210 <-- XLX522D linked (XLX2.3.4 newly added YSF support)
YSF-V2 SG https://ysf.lucifernet.com/ --> TG525 <-- XLX522C

Yaesu Wires-X
Connect to Malaysia-Net Room 24060

Local C4FM Repeaters

Location:	Melaka, Equatorial Hotel, 9M4RMU
Repeater ID: 	MY-9573
Downlink:	439.8250
Uplink:		434.8250
Offset:		-5.0 MHz
Uplink Tone:	203.5
DSQ		Off
DG-ID:		Open ↑ / Open ↓
Call:		9M4RMU
Use:		OPEN
Op Status:	Off
Affiliate:	MARTS
Mixed-Mode:	Yes; analog capable.
Web links:      http://www.marts.org.my

Repeater has taken down due to change-of-ownership on Equatorial Hotel's building PNB

  Google Maps Multiple Markers

Location: Selangor, Bukit Lanjan, 9M2RKL (C4FM) Repeater ID: MY-9041 Downlink: 439.6000 Uplink: 434.6000 Offset: -5.0 MHz Uplink Tone: 203.5 DSQ Off DG-ID: Open ↑ / Open ↓ WIRES-X: 24060 (MALAYSIA-NET) Call: 9M2RKL Use: OPEN Op Status: ON-AIR On-Air Sponsor: MARTS Mixed-Mode: Yes, analog capable (AMS, Analog will not linked to TG50210) Web links: http://www.marts.org.my Please note this is C4FM Digital only. Analogue WiresX users will hear a silent carrier. Local Analog 2 Digital Gateway Location: Subang Jaya, Putra Heights, 9W4GWK-R Repeater ID: - Downlink: 144.825 Uplink: 144.825 Offset: 0.0 MHz Uplink Tone: 177.3 DSQ Off DG-ID: - Digital: Echolink / Allstarlink Use: Current Offline / Not on /use echolink instead Op Status: Off Sponsor: 9W2LWK/9W4GWK Mixed-Mode: analog to Digital (transcoding) Web links: 47259 Allstar node Trial Penang DMR email DMRID for "whitelist" Downlink: 439.800 Uplink: 434.800 Offset: -5.0 MHz Color Code: CC01 Digital: DMR Use: CLOSE/TRIAL Op Status: ON-AIR On-Air (Repeater Opt 9W2POP) Available tg TimeSlot1: 50230,502555(Penang local) TimeSlot2: 50210 (linked to BM via local 4G telco, still in stability testing stage) 9M2RKL-DMR Open for public HAM, no need "whitelist" Downlink: 439.150 Uplink: 434.150 Offset: -5.0 MHz Color Code: CC07 Digital: DMR Use: Open Op Status: ON-AIR On-Air Available tg TimeSlot1: 1(local) TimeSlot2: 50210 linked to Brandmeister/XLX/Wires-X/P25/echolink/ASL (Via 4G telco) *** note: local repeater linking only works with ***DIGITAL MODE*** only even the repeater is
FUSION SYSTEM mode (Digital C4FM/Analog FM auto switch)
Join facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MYDigitalVoice/?ref=br_rs for more FAQ

Useful Links

Pistar Forum

Register New DMR-ID/CCS7

XLX Creator LX1IQ Luc's Forum

Request adding or changing an XRF in the Directory at http://xrefl.net

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